‘The author drew on her teenage diaries for this poignant yet hilarious memoir about finding and losing your first love. The vividly depicted memories will make readers wince with recollection, but aside from its funny moments, it’s ultimately very moving.’
The Sunday Mirror

‘A funny and sensitive account of a young journalist’s life.’
Hull Daily Mail

‘This is a luminous book about real life: about love, loss, motherhood, daughterhood, about sex, longing and fear, regret and the terrible pain of hindsight. It’s a must-read for parents, forcing us to look beyond present disagreement with our children to the health of our future with them. And it’s a fabulous story, whose last third I had to read in one sitting into the small hours. This book must surely have taken courage to write. I loved it.’

‘The book is genuinely funny but unbelievably touching. It is relatable and very approachable. It explores the beauty and incredible complexity of human love, in all its forms and incarnations. It shows that love and life isn’t just black and white. It does all of this while taking us on one woman’s fascinating journey through early life.’
– Words Are My Craft

‘I reckon its going to be a bestseller.’
–  Wes Butters, BBC Radio

‘To quote the old song – I thought I’d found her letters and read each one out loud. This is a very touching story about first love and last rites. It’s also about how, in order to be in tune with our present and then move on, we invariably have to visit something painful from the past.’
Ian Clayton

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